Our Services


We help our funding clients make sensible real estate investment decisions. We carry out detailed reviews of development proposals, offering independent and impartial advice on risk. We seek to work closely with legal and valuation professionals to offer joined up advice, looking to find the best solution rather than raising problems. Our thorough reviews cover the development budget, programme, procurement route, quality and experience of the development team and compliance with statutory obligations. Our service is delivered in a concise, jargon-free report highlighting risks and advising on the best way of dealing with them. We work with our funding clients to ensure risks that are identified are properly dealt with for the good of the project.


Our monitoring service is flexible to suit the needs of our client, but is designed to provide peace of mind that the development risks are being well managed. We attend site to provide “eyes and ears”, but we see ourselves as part of the project team. That way, when issues arise we are part of the team discussing solutions rather than simply reporting problems. We deliver a report in the format that best suits our client’s needs, making risks and recommendations clear. But we are passionate about maintaining great communication, and believe the best way to keep our clients up to date is to speak regularly or meet face to face.


A chartered surveying practice, we believe our offer is unique in that we mix personal, senior level service with quality, audited data. Our skilled and experienced team is trained to have an opinion, to have a voice that represents our clients at a senior level, providing project management, Employer’s Agent and contract administration and leading from the front. Working across all major sectors across the UK, and on a wide range of project values, we generate a vast amount of live construction cost data which makes us ideally placed to advise on construction costs and offer the role of QS / cost manager. We also believe our knowledge of the property funding market benefits our clients as we understand what makes a project viable and fundable.


Sound property investment decisions need a solid understanding of the quality of the asset. This helps to avoid costly surprises later on. With the added expertise offer by our selected partners, we can provide a comprehensive range of services that help property investors make these decisions. Such services include building surveys, structural surveys, services investigations and can be extended to include reviews of environmental, geotechnical, rights of light, party wall and planning matters, as well as life cycle cost assessments and cost planning for development phases.


Our background is working with the best developer clients to advise on and help manage risk. We have adapted our skills to offer the same support to our funding clients. This unique combination means we can assist clients in preparing sound development proposals. We can help source funding, using our extensive network of clients providing real estate funding. Wherever possible, we look to link up good quality developer clients with funders that best support their needs. We are then able to offer delivery services, from project procurement, project management and contract administration during the development phase.


The professionals within our team have vast experience of providing real estate and construction risk training to funders working in the real estate sector. This has been through structured and semi structured, formal and informal training courses and secondments.